African American Wig – Style and Maintenance

Wigs are widely used as a quick makeover during costume parties and also during stage shows. It can change your overall look instantly. Modern wigs are made of both natural and synthetic hairs and come in different colors like ebony, blonde etc. The use of wigs to emphasize a person’s beauty is not a new concept. These were used even by ancient Egyptians. They rich people of ancient Egypt used wigs made of sheep or human hair.

There are plenty of styles and colors observed in wigs. Some people wear the one that matches with the complexion of their skin. African American wigs are a good example of it. These are generally used to emphasize the beauty of black American women and come in different dark shades. Ebony is the most popular among African American wigs. It helps to highlight the features of African American women and come in various styles like long and wavy, short and straight etc.

African American Wig Maintenance

When you are purchasing an African American wig, you must be familiar with its care and maintenance. Improper cleaning technique can cause deterioration of it quickly. It is always advised, that it should be washed after wearing it for eight to ten times. But frequent cleaning is required if you stay in a humid place or in a region where lot of smoke is produced. Drip drying is the best of drying that should be followed. Never squeeze it to drain water as it can ruin its shape and style. After several washing if you find that it has become a little hard then use conditioning spray to add softness to it.

Choose the style that suits you

When you are planning to buy one such wig, you will get a wide array of styles in it. If you want to show straight long hair then go for crimped ones. These have slight waves in it and have curls that that will fall gracefully down your back. Short and curly style is a very common type and gives a natural permed hair look. Some of the wigs of this kind have highlighted strands with light colors. This type is very popular among young girls.

You will get plenty of stores selling wigs of different color and style. Purchasing from an online store is quite easy as you can surf through all the styles while staying within the comfort of your home. ABC Wigs is an online store offering a wide array of wigs.