Artificial Flowers Are Exquisite and Require Little Maintenance

Artificial flowers include those made of silk, organza and satin and look almost real. A person can find that the flower is artificial only by touching it. Other material used in the manufacture of artificial flowers are paper, soap, clay, wood shavings, rice paper in China, colored feathers in South America, wax, painted linen, stained horn from Egypt, gold and silver in ancient Rome, and also tinted shells. Some modern techniques of making these flowers are by stretching nylon fabric especially netting over wire frames. However, these days, most artificial flowers sold in the market are made of polyester fabric, major method of making artificial flowers or through injections into plastic molds.

Silk flowers are made with silk, rayon and cotton. The silk fabric used in the making of these flowers is of different thickness and textures. Normally a starch coating is applied to the silk and then shaped manually with a spoon or fork. To provide the realistic wrinkle and curves to petals, the fabric is inserted into molds and with the application of heat, these can be pressed into individual petals that can be later made stiff by using wires. The wire is wrapped in a tear resistant and durable paper and the crisp fabric holds its shape well. Then, the colors of the petal can be painted on and natural dye is used. These have become extremely popular in the US because they can be fire retardant and do not require much maintenance to keep them looking as beautiful as ever. In fact, artificial flowers made of silk are greatly appreciated by brides who choose them for their bouquets and this had mushroomed as a wonderful hobby for women of Thailand, China and India with their cheap labor and women with deft fingers. They add color and beauty to a dull and boring room by looking breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant.

Hand made paper flowers are available in a variety of shapes and colors and a range of different flowers. These include roses, lilies, carnations, rosebuds, orchids, birds of paradise, a glittering poinsettia bush, daisies, and arrangements depicting different sentiments e.g. thoughtful, serenity, bunch of sunshine, smiles and many more. Exact sizes, shapes and colors of petals and leaves are followed so that any difference between the original plant and the artificial one is hardly noticeable. These artificial flowers are gifted during anniversaries wrapped in beautiful plastic paper and sometimes used as large arrangements for occasions. The paper is of stiff quality and this prevents the flowers from becoming limp or losing their shape. A huge variety of colors in the paper used for making these flowers are available and this gives it its unique presentation.