The Camel Market In Giza – New “Highlight” The Tourist Egypt Card

Tired of pyramids and museums and seeking for some exotic experience, tourists are discovering new entertainment sights like the camel market in Giza. The market is located in Burkash, a little picturesque place in the valley of Nile, visited only by tourists travelling by themselves. As it’s hard to imagine a huge comfortable bus with air-conditioner in a place where asphalt roads are still something new. Nevertheless, the enterprising administration is not losing time to get money – tourists have to pay for seeing the market at least, as they don’t buy any camels.

Burkash market is the largest camel market in the country. A smaller one, in Aswan, is at a thousand kilometres south than Cairo. At a time there are presented not less than two thousands camels, brought mostly from neighbouring countries. Only from Sudan, monthly there are brought more than three thousands camels.

Caravans, from 100 to 150 camels each, make a very long road along the Nile river, from the depth of Africa in order to get to this market situated not far from Egyptian capital. That may be the reason some camels are in pitiable condition and need to be fatten before sold. Rest of «lucky beggars» is brought to the market in trucks.

Camel’s meat is popular dish in Egypt for it’s not as rich in fat as beef or mutton but it contains a lot of protein.

Camels sold for taking part in the races are more expensive than regular one’s. Their price could get over two thousand dollars though they are not different from usual ones. Though their meat is very popular, camels are still used as transport, especially in desert where they are appreciated for their endurance and ability to resist much time without water and food.

In Egypt, camels are not used in races, instead they are attractions for tourists.

Price negotiation is very agitated, someone could think the cost dispute could turn in a fight. Periodically, angry and offended, the seller just leaves in order to come back after several minutes and continue the dispute looking for a compromise.Security claims that criminal incidents are a big rarity here.

Usually, camels are bought by the gross, defining the price for all. Most of clients are professionals, peculiar intermediaries, knowing how to bring down the price. There is no scale, the weight of meat of a certain camel is approximated.The camel price varies from 1500 pounds (less than 300 dollars) to nine thousands pounds (about 1.6 thousand dollars).

Even if tourists do not buy camels they could purchase a rough camel-wool blanket and get a lot of impressions.In town you could taste camel milk,which is recommended for preventive maintenance and treatment for hepatitis, food allergy etc.

Artificial Flowers Are Exquisite and Require Little Maintenance

Artificial flowers include those made of silk, organza and satin and look almost real. A person can find that the flower is artificial only by touching it. Other material used in the manufacture of artificial flowers are paper, soap, clay, wood shavings, rice paper in China, colored feathers in South America, wax, painted linen, stained horn from Egypt, gold and silver in ancient Rome, and also tinted shells. Some modern techniques of making these flowers are by stretching nylon fabric especially netting over wire frames. However, these days, most artificial flowers sold in the market are made of polyester fabric, major method of making artificial flowers or through injections into plastic molds.

Silk flowers are made with silk, rayon and cotton. The silk fabric used in the making of these flowers is of different thickness and textures. Normally a starch coating is applied to the silk and then shaped manually with a spoon or fork. To provide the realistic wrinkle and curves to petals, the fabric is inserted into molds and with the application of heat, these can be pressed into individual petals that can be later made stiff by using wires. The wire is wrapped in a tear resistant and durable paper and the crisp fabric holds its shape well. Then, the colors of the petal can be painted on and natural dye is used. These have become extremely popular in the US because they can be fire retardant and do not require much maintenance to keep them looking as beautiful as ever. In fact, artificial flowers made of silk are greatly appreciated by brides who choose them for their bouquets and this had mushroomed as a wonderful hobby for women of Thailand, China and India with their cheap labor and women with deft fingers. They add color and beauty to a dull and boring room by looking breathtakingly beautiful and vibrant.

Hand made paper flowers are available in a variety of shapes and colors and a range of different flowers. These include roses, lilies, carnations, rosebuds, orchids, birds of paradise, a glittering poinsettia bush, daisies, and arrangements depicting different sentiments e.g. thoughtful, serenity, bunch of sunshine, smiles and many more. Exact sizes, shapes and colors of petals and leaves are followed so that any difference between the original plant and the artificial one is hardly noticeable. These artificial flowers are gifted during anniversaries wrapped in beautiful plastic paper and sometimes used as large arrangements for occasions. The paper is of stiff quality and this prevents the flowers from becoming limp or losing their shape. A huge variety of colors in the paper used for making these flowers are available and this gives it its unique presentation.

African American Wig – Style and Maintenance

Wigs are widely used as a quick makeover during costume parties and also during stage shows. It can change your overall look instantly. Modern wigs are made of both natural and synthetic hairs and come in different colors like ebony, blonde etc. The use of wigs to emphasize a person’s beauty is not a new concept. These were used even by ancient Egyptians. They rich people of ancient Egypt used wigs made of sheep or human hair.

There are plenty of styles and colors observed in wigs. Some people wear the one that matches with the complexion of their skin. African American wigs are a good example of it. These are generally used to emphasize the beauty of black American women and come in different dark shades. Ebony is the most popular among African American wigs. It helps to highlight the features of African American women and come in various styles like long and wavy, short and straight etc.

African American Wig Maintenance

When you are purchasing an African American wig, you must be familiar with its care and maintenance. Improper cleaning technique can cause deterioration of it quickly. It is always advised, that it should be washed after wearing it for eight to ten times. But frequent cleaning is required if you stay in a humid place or in a region where lot of smoke is produced. Drip drying is the best of drying that should be followed. Never squeeze it to drain water as it can ruin its shape and style. After several washing if you find that it has become a little hard then use conditioning spray to add softness to it.

Choose the style that suits you

When you are planning to buy one such wig, you will get a wide array of styles in it. If you want to show straight long hair then go for crimped ones. These have slight waves in it and have curls that that will fall gracefully down your back. Short and curly style is a very common type and gives a natural permed hair look. Some of the wigs of this kind have highlighted strands with light colors. This type is very popular among young girls.

You will get plenty of stores selling wigs of different color and style. Purchasing from an online store is quite easy as you can surf through all the styles while staying within the comfort of your home. ABC Wigs is an online store offering a wide array of wigs.

What Are the Top 10 Most Popular Pedigreed Cat Breeds?

Pedigreed cats are a source of joy and pride for their owners. Besides their gorgeous coats, beautiful lines, and great disposition, these animals offer companionship and entertainment to those who love them. Choosing a pedigreed cat is not easy, but knowing the most popular breeds of pedigreed cats may help.

1. Persian

Persian cats are known for they beautiful long coats and open faces. They supposedly originated in Iran and were transported to the rest of the world along with exotic spices and fine jewels. Cat breeders and owners of Persian cats enjoy their gentle dispositions and quiet voices.

Persian cats are best suited to living indoors because of their long coats. The coat of a Persian cat requires considerable maintenance, but this breed is extremely hardy and long-lived.

2. Maine Coon

The origin of the Maine Coon cat is something of a marvel. Less a product of the work of cat breeders than the result of natural selection, the Maine Coon originated in North America and is known for its superb mousing ability.

Also known for its loving disposition and keen intelligence, the Maine Coon is a beautiful long-haired breed. These cats are wonderful with children and good with dogs as well.

3. Exotic

The Exotic is a variant on the Persian breed. Exotic cat breeders strive to meet the standards of the Persian cat in all areas except coat. Here, the Exotic differs from its higher-maintenance cousin. Exotic cats have a short, easy-to-care-for coat.

Quiet, with a soft, gentle voice, these cats make excellent pets. They are not demanding but are playful and sweet. Exotics are also clean and mature later than other cat breeds. These cats physically resemble a teddy bear or other stuffed animal and make wonderful family pets.

4. Abyssinian

Resembling the sculptures of cats in Ancient Egypt, the Abyssinian has a beautiful, arched neck, slanted eyes, prominent ears, and a powerfully-muscled body. The extremely short hair of this breed makes it distinctive and easy to care for.

Besides their appearance, the Abyssinian has a personality that is unique and easily identified by a cat breeder or educated enthusiast. Abyssinians are known for their remarkable intelligence, amazing sensitivity, and personable attitude.

5. Siamese

Originally from Thailand, Siamese cats are easily identified by their distinctive coats and markings. The color contrast on their coats is remarkable, and the structure of their bodies is also unique. Cat breeders strive to produce a animal with a wedge-shaped head, long, muscular body, and a long neck and tail.

The coat on Siamese cats is very short easy to take care of, making this breed a low-maintenance pet. They are first-rate communicators with a distinctive voice and clear body language. Siamese cats love people and become extremely attached to their doting owners.

6. Ragdoll

A large cat with a relaxed disposition, the Ragdoll has long hair and striking blue eyes. When breeding Ragdolls, a cat breeder is focused on producing animals with specatular, pointed coats, affectionate personalities, and a large body. These animals love people and usually want to be close to their owners.

The coat of a Ragdoll cat requires regular maintenance, but otherwise, these animals do not require any special care. They were developed in the 1960s as cat breeders bred domestic longhaired cats and other free-roaming felines.

7. Sphynx

The result of a 1966 natural genetic mutation, the Sphynx is a cat breed that is sometimes entirely without hair. Cat breeders have worked hard to create a breed that is extremely hardy and has few health problems.

Sometimes there is fine downy hair present on the nose, tail, or body of this cat. The Sphynx has a friendly personality, and is very curious and attention-oriented. Due to the lack of hair on this breed, it requires bathing. However, some people with cat allergies find that they can tolerate a Sphynx.

8. Birman

Orignally from Burma, where it was held as a sacred animal, the Birman is a large, stocky animal with long hair. The coat of the Birman is not prone to matting, making it easier to care for than some other breeds.

The personality of the Birman is considered nearly ideal by many cat owners and cat breeders: at once sweet, quiet, playful, and energetic. The long coat is tipped and is generally a light color with a golden glow. The eyes of this breed are very round and blue.

9. American Shorthair

Known for their spectacular disposition, the American Shorthair is a breed that makes a wonderful companion. This breed is also extremely healthy, long-lived, quiet, and good looking.

Records show that the American Shorthair, originally called the “Domestic Shorthair,” came to America on the Mayflower. Cat breeders have worked for years to ensure that these animals have the desired qualities for the breed, despite their physical similarities to ordinary, non-pedigreed animals.

10. Oriental

Devoted to their owners and interested in being a part of all daily activities, Orientals make great pets. They are bred to be curious and intelligent, as well as to have colorful, distinctive coats and long thin tails.

Cat breeders have been able to produce over 300 different patterns and colors of Orientals, making the selection of these animals extremely diverse. They are also noted for their large, open ears and almond-shaped eyes.