Minimize Maintenance Free With Cedar Railings

Cedar wood allows many advantages among the varieties of wood available in the market. It is almost maintenance free, consider that only needs application of lacquer every three years and to do this just will take just 15 to 20 minutes per 1000 square feet of cedar wood.

Cedar wood has been known to the humanity for thousands of years.Cedar are grown in many areas of the world. It seems to be native to the Himalayan range area, and they can also found in the Mediterranean region as in the South American Wilderness.Trees grow to a height of 50 meter, their evergreen leaves reaches up to 3 feet long. The leaves are comparable to fir tree leaves and the trunk of the cedar wood tree may grow from 1 to 2 feet in diameter,some times bigger. The most common varieties of cedar wood are, Deodar Cedar, Lebanese Cedar, Turkish Cedar, Missioner Cedar (original of Misiones, Argentina) Cyprus Cedar, Or so called Atlas Cedar.

Some facts:

1. Maintains truncated pyramidal silhouette in the extreme for most of his life– The branches grow horizontally, with the apices fallen. The male flowers appear individually. They are cylindrical, 3-6cm in length, pale yellow or pink. The women appear in small pineapples 1cm long, light green or reddish. Flowers fall.

2. Very longevity can reach the millennium

3. The leaves are aciculares because individual or bouquet of 2.5-4cm long, thin, white and flexible, grayish green

The cedars are known for the quality of its wood, resistant to high temperatures, humidity and aging. In ancient times the Lebanese (Phoenician) exported cedar wood mainly to Egypt, where it was used for the construction of ships and sarcophagi. The Egyptians also used cedar oil for mummification

Bible named the Cedar wood many times and the most famous place where scented cedar was extensively used for building is King Solomon temple in Jerusalem. It construction was near the 1000 BC, so the durability of cedar wood is established beyond doubt around the world.

DIY Cedar Railings

If you wish to do a DID railing of Cedar, there are many supplier who can satisfy your requirements on this matter, when a good previous planning, you can acquired the pre cut railings and just installing them in desired place, provide a map stating the dimensions of the area to be enclosed with railings to the wood supplier and other valuable information so that the railings can be manufactured and shipped according to your real needs and may install without problems.

Assemble it as per manufacturer’s indicated recommendation and you will obtain a beautiful Cedar wood railing instantly, if you have to do some trimming to adapt it perfectly it won’t no present any trouble to the DID fan has skills and experience in woodworking.

Cedar maintenance

Cedar railings can be easily maintained if you are aware that your railings must away from moisture, keep dry and clean and the beauty of their will last long years, Cedar, red or white, gives your home not only warm appearance, style and comfort but also spread the soft scent of its perfume, highly appreciated otherwise as part of incense. Let the famous and elegant Cedar be part of your home and of your deck railings, as a sign of good taste